Russia’s MONETKA retail chain of food stores is currently testing LOGIST Pro cloud platform. The software has been developed by S2B Group specialized in logistics software development and implementation.
Most retail chains are focused on reduction of total costs. Most of the costs are generated by logistics process, and the main task of transportation departments is to find the way to cut expenses and to save transportation budget.
MONETKA store chain is currently interested in optimizing internal logistics processes and cutting transportation costs.  The company needs the tool, which will allow finding more cheaper and more efficient carriers. LOGIST Pro innovative logistics software will help reach these goals.
LOGIST Pro cloud logistics system allows shipper to automate its internal operations, as well as to e ...
Royal Fresh joined LOGIST Pro logistics platform and got started with the system. The project has been implemented by S2B Group specialized in development of logistics software.
Royal Fresh operates as an importer of fresh fruits, vegetables and berries. In order to reduce overall costs and optimize the logistics processes, the company required a comprehensive specialized system. The system would provide additional tools to reduce transport costs in addition to standard functionality.
LOGIST Pro cloud transportation management system with more than 2,000 carriers, links Shipper and Carriers in one place. The solution will be customized in accordance with the needs of a specific company and allows Shipper to automate its business logistics operations. In addition, the Shipper will be able to hold electronic transportation tenders, ...
After the successful completion of a pilot testing Logist Pro logistics system, LUDING decided to join the cloud system on a contractual basis developed by S2B Group. Additionally, the software provider renders training services and service maintenance.
It should be reminded, that LUDING is Russia's largest trading company specializing in alcoholic beverages. Within the framework of the project the following goals should be achieved: increase of performance of internal logistics departments as well as optimization of communication of transportation partners, increase of visibility of the transportation process and reducing of transportation costs.
LOGIST Pro cloud logistics system links on its platform all participants in the supply chain. The solution allows shippers to arrange electronic auctions, allocate and manage shipmen ...
Russian food company – Sady Pridonia – got started on LOGIST Pro cloud logistics platform.
Today Sady Pridonia National Food Group is the absolute leader of the Russian fruit market. It is one of the three major juice producers in the country and the only domestic company among them.
LOGIST Pro has been designed by S2B Group that specializes in development of logistics software products. The main goal is to allow businesses to increase efficiency of their logistics processes and to decrease transportation costs. The software automates logistics operations of transportation departments and provides an e-procurement platform to hold freight services auctions. LOGIST Pro enables partners in a supply chain network to exchange information and allocate shipments to carriers by using electronic platform.
Sady Pridonia ...