LOGIST Pro updates with an improved long-term freight auction module

LOGIST Pro cloud logistics system has been updated with an improved long-term auction module. This will help the shipper quickly and comfortably to hold freight auctions for a large number of transport endpoints. The updated module will facilitate the procedure of holding long-term freight auctions.

Additionally, the shipper will be able to find proven and reliable transportation partners in an open database of more than 2,000 carriers. Besides, the system allows shipper to select carriers based on pre-set qualification criteria (KPIs). All these system features will allow shipper to obtain more attractive freight rates and to find reliable transportation partners.

The issue of selecting a suitable tender platform is more crucial for the shipper at the beginning and at the end of each year, when many companies hold long-term auctions for the purchase of transportation services. One of these tools is LOGIST Pro integrated logistics system.

When it comes to module optimization, we should focus on improvement of its technical features and on updating of interface that has become more friendly and intuitive for the end user. As a result, the system provides the following functionality:

• Simplified way of search and selection of transportation partners

• Improved KPI’s tool to test and select right carriers

• Extensive base of carriers

• Option to conduct multi-level tenders

• Online chat with bidders

• Daily allocation of shipments among carriers

• Option to hold extra reverse auction among carriers in order to find a car at the best price

 (in case of failure to provide truck by the selected carrier)

• Automatic registration of events when carrier failed to provide truck

• Improved analysis module to generate detailed and diverse reports

It should be added that the updated module makes the bidding process more transparent and consolidates all relevant freight information in a single interface.