TSM is a Timeslot Management System (Yard Management) designed to manage customer orders and timeslots within supply chain. 

Your delivery scheduling became a daily headache because trucks arrive without appointments? TSM helps handle deliveries on schedule.

TSM is a SaaS logistics software designed to schedule and manage daily deliveries, loading / unloading activities, labor costs and inventory on the basis of JUST IN TIME concept. It allows companies to increase business efficiency by receiving goods only as they are really needed, thereby reducing inventory costs.

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TSM is a great option for companies (manufacturers, distributing companies, retailers and logistics operators)  that seek something that is extremely powerful and easy to deploy. A centralized communication platform links internal departments of the enterprise with external users (transportation companies, suppliers, customers).

TSM provides Planning, Coordination and Controlling functions for all supply chain participants.

Enhance on-time delivery and customer satisfaction with TSM!

You will be able to manage and plan daily deliveris, schedule and book time of truck arrivals/loading/unloading. Additionally, you will get a streamlined inventory control and reduce warehouse labor costs. Your goods will be delivered on-time.

The system is easily adaptable to business processes of any company and can be integrated with any internal accounting and ERP system.



  • Up to 80% reduction of truck waiting times
  • Up to 80% reduction of demurrage costs
  • Up to 75% reduction of overtime cost
  • Up to 25% reduction of administration time
  • Up to 80% decrease in human errors

The system synchronizes the incoming information within supply chain (from order preparation till actual delivery of products) received from:

  • Transportation companies
  • Procurement Department
  • Suppliers
  • Production
  • Transport logistics department
  • Accounting
  • Warehouse         
  • Security


TSM allows our customers to increase profit by boosting the efficiency of the entire supply chain.

Major tasks and benefits

  • Transparent delivery, loading and unloading processes
  • Better planning and control over deliveries, inventory and warehouse labor costs  (employment of warehouse staff on a project-specific basis)
  • Predictive resources planning
  • Scheduling priority of shipments
  • Reduced truck waiting times and demurrage costs
  • Eliminating yard traffic congestion
  • Saving of time when placing request for delivery
  • Cost cutting received from savings on warehouse spaces


  • All supply chain participants will control and coordinate their actions online
  • Real-time appointment scheduling tool to book, schedule and prioritize vehicle arrivals together
  • Real-time time-slot schedule of truck arrivals/loading/unloading
  • Shared access and on-the-fly schedule updating
  • Electronic transfer of purchase orders
  • Daily plan of the truck supply control at the gate and at the loading points (as per specified customer orders)
  • Real time notification of a Shipper and Suppliers about changes in the warehouse or store work schedule
  • Complaints compliance (immediate e-notice of goods damaged on delivery, online document exchange, claim archive)
  • Electronic workflow with the use of a digital signature
  • Generating reports
  • Automating and streamlining logistics accounting procedures



Data Security

Multilevel system structure, secure SSL protocols, database coding by using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and 128-bit key that provides adequate protection of information in accordance with banking-standard systems requirements.

Access to information

Any end user can access information stored on the TSM cloud solution at any time and from anywhere by using computer or any mobile device connected to the Internet. To use the system, each user should have his own login and password. The system can be implemented on site, if needed.


TSM improves transparency for handling incoming and outgoing delivery logistics, saves time and reduces costs for shippers and carriers.