This is to certify that S2B has been executing a superior quality project on automation of transport procurement and distribution business process within our company. The project on implementation of Logist Pro software was realized in HEINEKEN Breweries LLC in 2012. The product is administered and supported by S2B.


HEINEKEN N.V. is an international brewing company founded in 1864 in Amsterdam. Heineken owns over 190 breweries in more than 70 countries and employs approximately 85,000 people.


S2B proved to be a responsible and reliable business partner that made a quality system implementation as well as further upgrading and support under the agreed terms and conditions.


Currently, our company successfully operates Logist Pro software. Download






On behalf of the company “OCHAKOVO” thank “S2B – Solutions to Business” for a quality service - “Logist Pro”.


This service has enabled us to significantly reduce the cost of involved transport, to increase transparency in the provision of transport to our branches, and also led to the implementation of tasks to achieve consolidation of distribution logistics in a united center.


The important competitive advantage of the Logist Pro service for us – it was the business model you have chosen, namely the focus on shippers. I would also like to note the high degree of responsiveness of the company specialists, which has resulted in rapid response to our requests for changing the functionality of the system.


I wish you never to stop and search all the time on new forms and methods that will allow other companies to reduce costs. Download






InteAgroSystems operates on the Russian market for more than 20 years. It is one of the earliest and leading manufacturers of juices and nectars in Russia. We are writing to recommend the services of S2B team. Our thanks go to S2B experts for the successful implementation of the project on automation and optimization of transportation procurement business process. Within the project a specialized Logist Pro comprehensive solution with online access has been installed in our company in 2013.


The project met all our requirements. It was completed on time, in a full scope and on a high quality level. As a result, our company has got a fully automated business process as well as flexibility and transparency of the transportation and logistics activities. Logist Pro allowed us to efficiently interact with multiple carriers by collecting the best market offers that saves us money, resources and time.


This software is based on a cloud platform and remotely maintained by S2B team. Download





Herewith the management of the “TPK “OMEGA-Avtopostavka”, the largest national distributor of spare parts, tires and oils on the market of Ukraine, expresses its gratitude to the “S2B Group” for the successful implementation of LOGIST Pro and BUYER Pro specialized software products.


LOGIST Pro has been implemented within our enterprise in 2012. This IT solution helped us enhance performance of our transport and logistics department and cut our transportation costs. As a result, we received an effective working tool and our relationships with carriers became more transparent. Besides, automation of operations helps us avoid mechanical errors and reduce the time of order processing.


In 2014 the “TPK “OMEGA-Avtopostavka” decided to launch the project on implementation of BUYER Pro system, developed by the “S2B Group” to automate tendering procurement processes. We hope that this software will help us improve efficiency of container procurement processes and reduce costs.  Download