Automation tender procedures

MULTIMODAL Pro is a cloud  Multimodal Freight Bid Management Software designed to set up and hold one-step and multi-step multimodal freight services tenders online.

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In our opinion, efficient software should not be expensive for businesses. We have developed the e-tender platform for holding multimodal freight services auctions that is accessible from anywhere, anytime on any device, which significantly reduces hardware maintenance and implementation costs. In addition, the solution can be integrated with your internal accounting or ERP system.

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MULTIMODAL Pro is an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy and customizable software. The e-service allows for tracking, controlling and managing data related to setting up and holding one- and multi-step multimodal freight services tenders. The system is a flexible kit, which provides Shipper with a broad range of management settings: 

  • Shipper may set any number of bidding parameters.
  • E-tender will be held via the Internet in accordance with the formula set up by Shipper, which includes setting of strict implementation deadlines for main tender stages.
  • Shipper may hold reverse auctions (bidding with lowering the price).
  • Invitation to Tender will be automatically sent to a shortlist of bidders (selected by Shipper from the Carriers that either are taken from the internal accounting system or added manually as new ones).
  • System allows for multilateral communication between Shipper and Carriers. Unlike Shipper who controls all system processes, the Carrier can see only information and requirements related to current tenders that he/she is taking part in.
  • System allows Shipper to generate various reports in a visually easy-to-understand form (e.g. diagram or chart showing cost reduction dynamics under the set up parameters – port of loading, port of transshipment etc.).


  • You can save up to 40% on transportation costs.
  • E-procurement tender in 3 clicks. It will take you just 10 minutes to announce tender with MULTIMODAL Pro. The whole bidding process will take no more than two weeks.
  • Ease-of-Use. MULTIMODAL Pro will transform tendering difficulties into a simple and easily manageable process.
  • Cutting of administration time. System allows even a complex multi-step tender to be set up in several minutes and be held much faster than traditional one.
  • Business Process Transparency. System provides transparency of operations and tender processes for shippers. Business owner gets an efficient tool for controlling work performance of company’s transport departments.
  • Reporting. System allows for report generation using any of possible data layout formats.


Data Security

Multilevel system structure, secure SSL protocols, database coding by using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and 128-bit key that provides adequate protection of information in accordance with banking-standard systems requirements.

Access to information

Any end user can access information stored on the TSM cloud solution at any time and from anywhere by using computer or any mobile device connected to the Internet. To use the system, each user should have his own login and password.