Logist Pro

Logist Pro is a specialized Freight Management Software designed to fully automate transportation logistics process and hold freight auctions. This is a strategic tool for purchasing transport services to be used by decision-makers in the field of logistics. Shipper will save on transportation and haulier will get regular shipments from major freight owners.

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Logist Pro provides a broad set of tools and settings required to significantly improve the performance of all business process participants and helps shippers reduce procurement cost up to 30-40%. The system is easily adaptable to business processes of any company and can be integrated with any internal accounting and ERP system.

By using Logist Pro:

  • You can save up to 40% on shipments
  • You can save up to 70% of your staff time
  • Your administrative costs will be reduced by 90%
  • Extra cost cutting (thanks to collaboration with other shippers registered at Logist Pro) – up to 10%.

The system will allow you to interact online with hundreds of carriers and capture the best market proposals. As a result, you will save your money and time.

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You will benefit by working with us because we are not only experienced software developers, but also real experts in the field of logistics. S2B Group employs a few specialists with years of experience in logistics companies. Therefore, we understand the needs of this industry.

Logist Pro logistics platform is based on a principle of centralized accumulation and processing of carriers proposals thanks to two-way communication and tendering procurement opportunities. The system operates current electronic carriers' requests. Logist Pro allows shippers to consolidate and systematize information related to either each particular shipment or to the whole scope of the closed purchasing auctions.

The system is applicable to the following basic processes:

  • Import of standard documents with requests
  • Notification of carriers via e-mails and SMS
  • Real-time auction for each particular shipment         
  • Capture of transportation information for each shipment
  • Preparation of standard route sheets and shipping cards
  • Reports and analytics   


Logist Pro allows shippers to increase company profit and receive the best market offer.

Major tasks

  • Optimize transport logistics administration
  • Simplify routine operations and boost performance of logistics departments
  • Reduce cost while purchasing of goods and services by holding truck auctions
  • Gain control, time-saving and supply chain visibility
  • Eliminate human factor and mechanical mistakes
  • Get an easy-to-use tool and build transparent relationships with carriers
  • Simplify internal and external communications between logistics process participants     
  • Get the best market offer


  • Automation of routine logistics and freight tendering operations
  • Reverse auction
  • Managing geographically allocated purchases (local procurement)
  • Optimization and structuring of all freight procurement processes through allocation of roles, procedures and documents
  • Electronic allocation of shipments to carriers
  • Formation of a general workflow data base for the entire period
  • Creation of a single carriers data base and managing  carriers’ KPIs
  • Online cost management
  • Monitoring of all processes in real time
  • Statistics on the closed auctions for any period
  • Generating reports based on given parameters


  • Import standard shipment requests (list of requests) module
  • Reverse auction module
  • Vehicle registration and data management module for holding closed bids
  • Outgoing documentation generation module (loading cards and route sheets)
  • Analytics and statistics module


Data Security

Multilevel system structure, secure SSL protocols, database coding by using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and 128-bit key that provides adequate protection of information in accordance with banking-standard systems requirements.

Access to information

Any end user can access information stored on the Logist Pro cloud solution at any time and from anywhere by using computer or any mobile device connected to the Internet. To use the system, each user should have his own login and password. The system can be implemented on site, if needed.


Economic benefit can be gained through processing great number of potential carriers. The system allows shipper to get the most profitable transportations rate.

The system will allow you to save up to 30-40% on your shipments, with an average of about 5%. Time-savings – up to 70%. The system also allows shippers to determine minimum rates, including high season rates - when demand exceeds supply.

Taking into account flexible table of rate, a consignor who makes 100 shipments per month, can save really considerably.