Buyer Pro

Buyer Pro is a professional multifunctional system designed to hold procurement auctions and fully handle various tasks related to company procurement process.

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Buyer Pro provides a broad set of tools and settings required to significantly improve the performance of all business process participants and reduce cost of procurement up to 30%. The system is easily adaptable to business processes of any company and can be integrated with any internal accounting and ERP system.

By using Logist Pro:

• You can save up to 30% on purchased goods and services
• You can save up to 70% of your procurement staff time
• Your administrative costs will be reduced by 90%

You can get extra savings by applying multi-step or reverse auction tools.

Buyer Pro being a Procurement Management System is an indispensable tool for any company announcing bids while purchasing materials and services. The system does not impose any restrictions on the industry or any other business criteria.

Buyer Pro basis is a centralized document collection and processing, interaction with all participants within procurement process by using a single databank.

The system allows you to consolidate and systematize experiences and information related to either each particular tender or the wholescope of company purchases. Electronic workflow and automated tendering procedures will help you avoid the influence of "human factor" and loss of data.

Buyer Pro is a powerful tool that enables businesses to automate and improve their tendering procurement procedures.

The system registers all the key participants of the tendering process, including:

  • Head of Procurement department
  • Buyers
  • Tender Committee
  • Secretary of Tender Committee
  • Working Group
  • Internal audit
  • Suppliers


Buyer Pro allows our customers to increase company profit and receive the best market offer.

Major tasks

  • Reduction of costs while purchasing of goods and services
  • Getting the most profitable market offer
  • Time-saving
  • Elimination of human factor and mistakes from procurement process
  • Simplification of routine operations
  • Ease-of-use and increase of transparency
  • Simplification of internal and external communications between process participants


  • Automation of procurement operations
  • Optimization and structuring of the procurement processes through allocation of roles, procedures and documents
  • Creation of a single suppliers data base and managing  suppliers’ KPIs
  • Formation of a general workflow data base for the entire period
  • Simplification of centralized control over procurement process and decisions
  • Automation of tendering operations
  • Permanent access to results of auctions
  • Cost management online
  • Statistics on the closed auctions for any period
  • Generating reports according to set-up parameters
  • Monitoring of the process status at each stage in a real time mode
  • Managing geographically allocated competitive procurements (local procurement)
  • Reverse auction


  • Annual Operating Plan
  • Purchase Request and Commitment Form
  • Tender Procedure
  • Reverse Auction
  • Prequalification
  • Request for price quotation
  • Reporting
  • Statistics
  • Suppliers Database
  • Administration
  • Communication
  • Archive
  • Deciding the Winner
  • Nomenclature


Data Security

Multilevel system structure, secure SSL protocols, database coding by using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and 128-bit key that provides adequate protection of information in accordance with requirements of banking-standard systems.

Access to information

Any end user can access information stored on the BUYER Pro cloud solution at any time and from anywhere by using computer or any mobile device connected to the Internet. To use the system, each user should have his own login and password. The system can be implemented on site, if needed

BUYER Pro allows you to manage procurement processes on an open and transparent basis with due regard to all local and international law requirements.

The system provides protection and coding of electronic envelopes data and excludes the possibility of premature opening and disclosure of information.

Similar to classical scheme of tender "electronic format" procedures, the system captures "electronic envelopes" containing market proposals. Opening and access to proposals are made ​​in accordance with a predetermined tender schedule.

All end user actions are strictly controlled, tracked and recorded in the action archive, which makes the procurement procedure absolutely transparent. The system provides total protection of information and eliminates its loss or disclosure. 


Tendering process is the most common way to use company funds efficiently. The main goal of any auction is to reach the most favorable purchasing conditions on the fair competition and transparency basis.

Cutting in purchasing costs by 4% will result in getting profit similar to the one received from increase in sales by 20%.

Significant economic benefit and optimization of procurement processes will experience companies that have:

• High share of expenses while purchasing goods (services) within total costs
• Highly competitive markets for the goods or services they purchase
• High scope of purchases

Our customers start saving money from the first day of Buyer Pro use. Payback period of the implemented system ranges from one to six months, depending on the procurement activity.