Logistics Museum in Russia

Did you know Russia has a Logistics Museum? This is the Russia's first specialized museum where the artefacts of the whole distribution chain - from producer to consumer – are exhibited in premises. The Logistics Museum introduces the history of logistics from ancient times to the modern period.


Here you can learn about different areas of practical logistics, production, storage, handling and transporting of goods. By visiting the Logistics Museum the guests will learn about the modern logistics state as well as about prospects of logistics future development.


The museum has been opened in late 2011 in St. Petersburg. This city was not accidentally or casually chosen. St. Petersburg is the only metropolis in the country where the transport and logistics industry is represented by all the main types of urban, suburban and external transport vehicles. St. Petersburg has sea and river ports, airports, intermodal terminals, warehouses, large industrial enterprises and transportation companies.


Actually, the Russian Logistics Museum will let you discover interesting facts and explore how the logistics industry developed across centuries. Visitors will be able to look inside actual logistics facilities and get acquainted with the history of this field.


By the way, this is not the only Logistics Museum in the world. Similar museums have earlier been established in a few other countries looking to promote logistics science.

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